Expanded Grounds for Early Termination of Leases Brings Relief to Tenants

16 June 2011

The Manitoba Legislature gave its unanimous approval today to amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act which would expand the grounds for early termination of leases.

  • Members of the armed forces who are relocated would be released from their rental agreements.

  • Tenants would be allowed to end their rental agreements before they expire if their deteriorating health leaves them too frail or otherwise incapacitated to access their rental unit or other parts of the residential complex. Existing legislation already permits early termination of rental agreements when a tenant is no longer able to live independently or is admitted to a personal care home.

  • Renters who are victims of domestic violence could also be released early from their tenancy obligations if they believe their safety or the safety of their children is at risk if they were to continue living in the rental unit.

In all cases, landlords would be entitled to one-month’s notice or notice of whatever the length of the rent-payment period is.

The bill was introduced by Sharon Blady, the MLA for Kirkfield Park. "This bill has received strong support from seniors’ organizations, the military community, advocates for the disabled and women’s groups, all of whom were consulted in its drafting, " said Blady. "And landlords too have come on board as they recognize that the new legislation reflects measures already recognized as best practices."

These amendments will come into effect on proclamation at a later date, once landlords have had a chance to familiarize themselves with the changes.