Winnipeg ER Wait Times

September 24, 2018

“The Minister of Health’s claim that wait times for Winnipeg’s emergency rooms have decreased is not supported by hard evidence. He claims that overall wait times have decreased by 8.5% since October 2017, but according to the WRHA’s own historical data, wait times in Winnipeg have actually increased since the Premier launched his health care cuts," said NDP Leader Wab Kinew.

In October of 2017 the median wait time for all sites was one hour and twenty-one minutes (1.35 hours). The 90th percentile wait time was three hours and fifty-four minutes (3.9 hours). The most recent available data, August 2018, shows that current median wait times are one hour and thirty-one minutes (1.52 hours). The current 90th percentile wait time is four hours and nine minutes (4.15 hours).

That means wait times have actually increased by 17% in median time and 25% in 90th percentile time.

"Either the WRHA’s public reporting is incorrect, or the Minister of Health is deliberately misrepresenting the numbers to justify his Premier’s plan to cut and close Winnipeg emergency rooms and delete nursing positions. Manitobans deserve better from Premier Pallister and his government,” said Kinew.

Click on the Adobe Acrobat PDF below for historical wait times data tracked by the WRHA and obtained by the NDP through freedom of information requests.

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