Pallister’s Health Plan Causing Chaos at Health Sciences Centre

HSC Staff Raise Alarms in advance of Staffing Changes

September 18, 2018

Wab Kinew, Leader of the Manitoba NDP, spoke to media today about upcoming deletions for nursing staff as part of the Pallister government’s second phase of healthcare cuts.

Staff received notice of the upcoming deletions late last week and will begin the process of reapplying for their jobs this Fall. Front line staff are concerned the deletions will hurt patient care, especially those with complex needs in intensive care, oncology and emergency wards.

“Front line health care staff know Pallister’s chaotic plan is putting the safety of some of their most vulnerable patients at risk,” said Kinew. “The Pallister government has launched their staffing plan without any guarantee that staff – nurses, aides and technicians – will have the proper training and clinical experience to take care of patients in wards where they are needed.”

The deletions will be issued to staff in multiple units across Winnipeg hospitals, including the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, hematology and oncology units at HSC, the ER at the Children’s Hospital, and adult mental health and dialysis units at HSC.

This second round of changes come after the Pallister government issued over 3700 deletion notices to nurses, healthcare aides and hospital staff across Winnipeg. Staff were forced to apply for new jobs, often in new units and sometimes in completely different hospitals. Kinew noted the Manitoba Nurses Union has repeatedly reported deletions actually increased workload and overtime at major facilities like HSC and St. Boniface while causing confusion and disruption.

“HSC and St. Boniface, like the Women and Birthing Unit, are still struggling to recover from the Pallister government’s first round of cuts and changes,” said Kinew. “Wait times have increased since October 2017, mandatory overtime rates have skyrocketed, units are continually understaffed and deteriorating working conditions are threatening to increase sick time or stress leave. Yet the Premier is pushing ahead with his rushed plan to close emergency rooms and cut services.”