NDP Leader Criticizes Premier’s Plan for More Chaos for Nurses and Patients

Chaos and Confusion at Winnipeg Hospitals As Pallister Implements Cuts

September 11, 2018

NDP Leader Wab Kinew criticized the Pallister government’s announcement to implement a second round of deletions for nurses and health care staff at Winnipeg’s five hospitals as part of the second phase in their plan to close three Emergency Rooms.

This is the second time the Pallister government has ordered mass deletions and forced nurses to reapply for jobs in other hospitals or other departments. In August last year, the WRHA issued deletion notices that impacted thousands of nurses across the system as part of the Pallister government’s plan to close ERs and reduce services.

“The Premier is making health care worse for Manitoba seniors and families by causing chaos and confusion for nurses,” said Kinew. “We heard first hand from nurses about the fallout of the initial deletion notices: understaffed departments overworked and burned out nurses, and a serious threat to the safety of Winnipeg patients.”

Kinew also raised concerns the WRHA’s plan has no guarantees deleted nurses will have jobs within their clinical specialties. He warned this could deny patients’ access to nurses with the right skills and training needed to provide quality care.

“Nurses and patients have been raising the alarm about the consequences of the Premier’s plan for months, but their concerns have been ignored,” said Kinew. “Now the Premier has done it again – we will continue to stand with front line health care workers and patients who are opposing this Premier’s cuts. "