Statement Regarding Manitoba Government’s Reports on Sexual and Workplace Harassment

August 9th, 2018

“Harassment and sexual harassment in a government workplace is a serious issue that must be addressed. That’s why our party has made this a priority since I was elected leader, when we mandated ongoing anti-harassment employee training for staff and MLAs. This winter we wrote a new Workplace Anti-Harassment Policy. I am pleased to say that many of the changes we have already implemented are reflected in the recommendations made in MLT Aikins’ report released today.

The report highlighted some important issues with the Premier’s No Wrong Door Initiative which I urge the government to address. According to the report, employees stated some confusion about who the initiative applied to and research suggests an anonymous ‘hotline’ model would not be effective in protecting complainants. This is why we recommended to the Speaker of the House that she create an independent office for employees to report to and to conduct investigations.

What’s more, the Aikins report calls for a clearer relationship for policies between employees of the Manitoba Government and the Legislative Assembly. That is why our caucus and party forwarded several recommendations to the Speaker of the House in order to strengthen the Respectful Workplace Policy for employees of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.

It is our collective responsibility to make sure every person is safe at work and free from harassment – we will continue the work to make this goal a reality.