Pallister Plans More PCH Cuts

Documents obtained show another .25% cut planned for this fiscal year

July 5, 2018

Information obtained by the NDP indicates that the Pallister government is planning to hand down more cuts to personal care homes in Manitoba this coming fiscal year.

Last year, 40 personal care homes were forced to cut their budgets by .25% by the Pallister Government, which amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost that would have been invested in programming and safety for seniors. The largest cuts were at St. Amant’s River Road Place, ActionMarguerite in St. Boniface, and Parkview Place, which were cut by $82,000, $56,069, and $47,000, respectively.

In a letter dated April 3, 2018 sent to representatives of personal care homes, the Executive Director of the Long Term Care Program with the WRHA requests new plans from each PCH for an additional .25% cut in the coming fiscal year. Based on last year’s cuts, seniors throughout Manitoba should expect to see even fewer dollars being invested into their quality of life by the Pallister government.

“It’s sad that Pallister’s trying to balance the budget by cutting funding for senior’s homes. These aren’t the values of our province; he is talking about cutting funds for the people who built Manitoba. The people I speak to want seniors to be taken care of,” said NDP Leader Wab Kinew. “When I talk to seniors living in care homes they’ve been clear with me that they felt the cuts that were handed down last year, and now this letter shows the Conservatives want to cut even more.”

Since coming into office Brian Pallister has cancelled plans to build new personal care homes in Transcona and Lac Du Bonnet, broken his promise to build 1200 new beds by failing to build a single bed for the second straight year, ignored several studies which have said that hundreds of new PCH beds are needed every year, and is now poised to hand down hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding cuts for the second straight year.

“Manitoban families and seniors can’t afford four more years of Brian Pallister’s cuts. He doesn’t care about the damage his cuts are having on seniors because he doesn’t have to live with those cuts, and so he’s decided to cut some more,” said Kinew. “The NDP will continue to stand up for seniors who are being targeted by this government.”

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