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Manitoba's new accessibility rules welcomed by disability-rights advocate

CBC News, November 3, 2015

Number of QuickCare clinics about to double in Winnipeg

CBC News, November 2, 2015

A question of role models: Helping women teach a trade

Winnipeg Free Press, October 28, 2015

Blue Bombers launch campaign to end violence against women, girls

CBC News, October 27, 2015

Province contributing $1M to Dakota Collegiate's new sports field

Winnipeg Free Press, October 26, 2015

Grade 6 boys in Manitoba will now get HPV vaccine

Global News, October 22, 2015

Manitoba Hydro will give small businesses energy and water efficient devices

Winnipeg Free Press, October 22, 2015

Province takes aim at barriers for people with disabilities

Winnipeg Free Press, October 21, 2015

Manitoba investing $25M in school science lab upgrades

CBC News, October 20, 2015

Manitoba NDP government promises environmental bill of rights

Global News, October 16, 2015