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Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
November 9, 2005

Canadian Ultimate Championships

It is with great pleasure that I rise to inform the House of a very special event that took place in our province this past summer. From August 11 to 14, the 2005 Canadian Ultimate Championships brought 55 different teams and well over 1100 athletes from across Canada to Winnipeg to celebrate a sport that embodies the virtues of competition and co-operation.

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Combining speed and agility, strength and dexterity, this non-contact sport can be played by women and men of different ages together. A defining feature of ultimate is the spirit of the game, an ethic that requires everyone to take responsibility for the behaviour of all players, eliminating the need for referees.

Ultimate is also a model sport for healthy living. Players will typically run several miles, much of it at a full sprint, in a single game. At national championships, it is normal for all teams to play at least three or four games each day. Mr. Speaker, I invite you and all members of this House to join me in congratulating the outstanding job that was done by the staff and nearly 200 volunteers led by our league co-ordinator Danny Saunders who organized one of the best national championships ever held.

Over 2500 people attended the championship games on the Sunday held at CanWest Global Park. The Winnipeg tournament was my fourth national championship as a player, and I am extremely proud to report that our team, Manitoba Flood, had its best finish ever, bringing home the silver medal and thereby qualifying for the World Club Championships in Perth, Australia next year.

Our team trained throughout the winter, spring and summer, and you could not ask for a more fun-loving and hardworking group of individuals to compete with. Their names are: Kenny Chin, Andrew Fitzgerald, Carl Enns, Glen Gerrie, Graham Grafton, Dave Holder, Trevor Horvath, Mike Jones, Campbell Macdonald, Tim O'Toole, Dr. Rob Poettker, Dayton Powell, Luke Snider, Karl Steininger, Aaron Strubb, Armando Suba, Randall Swartz, Rob Woods and our phenomenal coach, Christy "Give me more of that" Mader.

Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.