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Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
December 8, 2005

Mulvey School

I am very pleased today to inform all members of an awards ceremony that I recently attended at Mulvey School in the constituency of Wolseley. This awards ceremony recognized students, staff and teachers at this school for their 100 percent participation in the recent International Walk to School Week. Out of the 114 schools and 25 000 students that participated, Mulvey was named provincial winner of International Walk to School Week.

This event takes place annually in October, and throughout the week students, parents and teachers from over 30 countries worldwide participate in International Walk to School Week activities. These celebrate the environment, children's health and the many benefits of walking.

Mulvey students took part in several activities. Specifically, they participated in the launch that was held here in the Manitoba Legislature of the Manitoba in Motion campaign. They also took part in a one mile fun run and walk in an intermediate phys ed class, and they had astronaut exercises which engaged primary classes in 20 minutes of strength, balance and stretching activities.

International Walk to School Week is organized locally in our province by Resource Conservation Manitoba. This is a membership-based non-profit organization that promotes applied ecological sustainability through environmental education and the development of alternatives to currently unsustainable practices. Walk to School Week is part of the Active and Safe Routes program which encourages physical fitness, educates children about safe walking skills, minimizes traffic congestion and reduces pollution.

I was honoured to attend the award ceremony at Mulvey School, where Mr. E, the phys ed instructor, led all of us in mambo dancing. As a token of my own appreciation for the students' dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, I was pleased to provide some gym equipment which the school had selected. After the ceremony, we all enjoyed a healthy snack of apple juice and a Tall Grass Prairie Bakery mini-muffin.

Mr. Speaker, I congratulate the students and staff at Mulvey School on leadership and their participation in International Walk to School Week. I would like in particular to thank and commend my good friend Jackie Avent at Resource Conservation Manitoba for all of her good work and the great work of her organization.