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Andrew Swan, MLA Minto
May 19, 2011

Maria Aragon

Mr. Speaker, we have some very special guests in the Legislature today and they are grade 5 students at Isaac Brock School, including a young lady that we are all gaga over, and that's singing sensation Maria Aragon.

Maria found recent fame when her cover of Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" was discovered by the pop singer on YouTube. Since Lady Gaga tweeted to the world how she'd been moved by the young woman's version, more than 25 million people worldwide have watched Maria's video.

Maria's experienced a whirlwind of media and celebrity attention, starting from a limo ride with Ace Burpee to an interview on an Ellen DeGeneres show to a performance with Lady Gaga in front of thousands in Toronto.

I want to recognize her for the time and passion she invested in cultivating her skills. She showed incredible sincerity and sensitivity to an empowering song about the importance of loving oneself. She is a source of pride in our community as a symbol of homegrown talent.

Maria has conducted herself with poise in the spotlight, taking a remarkably mature approach to her new-found fame while remaining focused on her studies. Maria prides herself on being grounded in her family, her faith and her friends, and I want to acknowledge those close to her for the support they have provided.

Congratulations and enjoy the ride, Maria. I know that your talent and drive will continue to reward you in the future. I think I speak for all members of the House when I say: You're on the right track–we truly are lucky you were born this way.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.