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Andrew Swan, MLA Minto
April 9, 2010

Spence Neighbourhood Association

It's a pleasure to work with organizations devoted to community revitalization like the Spence Neighbourhood Association. The association held its 10th annual general meeting this year and I would like to congratulate the SNA on this momentous achievement, on all of its successes in the community throughout the years.

The Spence Neighbourhood Association developed from a small 1997 initiative by a group of local residents and business owners to clean up back lanes and renovate a boarded-up house in the area. Three years later, the group officially took on the larger mandate of the Spence Neighbourhood Association, setting its goals in improving safety, health, housing, image and employment in their community, supported by the Neighbourhoods Alive! program.

Ten years after the first meeting as the Spence Neighbourhood Association, this group has much to be proud of. SNA supports grass-roots community initiatives through small grants for projects like creating public art, supporting local sports teams and allowing residents to improve their homes. SNA is working to improve literacy and provide academic assistance through its youth and literacy programs.

Spence residents feel safer in no small part due to the association's presence in the neighbourhood and projects at the Rental Safety Program, which provides advice to and installs free security devices for renters in the area. The SNA is also helping all of us work towards a greener province by operating a number of community gardens, a pilot greenhouse project and a composting program. They have many more projects on the go, focused on empowering residents and improving our community.

Mr. Speaker, the Spence Neighbourhood Association is an exemplary association. Its work is instrumental in creating meaningful change in our thriving inner-city community.

Thank you, Spence Neighbourhood Association, for your dedication to community renewal for these past 10 years. I'm certain many more years of success will follow. Thank you.