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Andrew Swan, MLA Minto
December 4, 2007

Gordon Twiss

Mr. Speaker, every day heroes walk about us in Manitoba and it is my honour to speak about one of those heroes, Gordon Twiss, an assistant district operator for Manitoba Hydro. On July 20, 2006, Gordon saved the life of his co-worker, Dan Fletcher, who was electrocuted while trimming trees from a lift near a 7,200-volt power line. Gordon's quick reaction in calling for help and performing emergency first aid saved his co-worker's life.

On November 22, I was honoured to attend a dinner paying tribute to Gordon Twiss, held by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2034. He was given the IBEW's highest award, the IBEW Life Saving Award. The award was presented by IBEW International Vice-President Phil Flemming on behalf of the 750,000 members of the union. The IBEW Local 2034 executive board also presented Twiss with a gift on behalf of the local's 2,700 members.

Every occupation involves some kind of potential hazard and the work of Gordon Twiss, Dan Fletcher and their brothers and sisters in the IBEW can be particularly dangerous. Gordon's story serves to underscore the importance of teamwork when it comes to safety and health on the job. It demonstrates how important it is that we be aware of those working with or near us and be perceptive to hazardous situations that can affect us or our colleagues on the job.

Mr. Speaker, Gordon Twiss's quick reaction and knowledge of emergency first aid helped to save a life. I would ask all members of the Legislative Assembly to join me in commending him for his quick thinking and heroic act. In addition, I'd like to recognize him for showing us the benefits of awareness and training in protecting ourselves and others on the job.

Thank you.