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Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
April 19, 2018

Sharon Taylor - Wolseley Family Place

Over the years, it has been a pleasure to work alongside a woman of incredible humility and full of passion. Sharon Taylor, a long-time activist, has made many contributions to the Wolseley and West Broadway community. In a month Sharon will be entering creative retirement, leaving behind great accomplishments and big shoes to fill, one of Sharon's greatest being Wolseley Family Place.

For over 20 years, Wolseley Family Place has fostered the development of healthy moms, healthy babies and healthy families within our community. Wolseley Family Place started when Sharon identified a lack of resources for young single mothers after they gave birth. She founded it from scratch, relying on her network of friends, colleagues and users to go from a small hallway operation to the centre that now has 30,000 visits each and every year.

With Sharon's priority being accessibility and accommodation for all, she relied upon participants for guidance and direction. She listened to what they were saying and set out to help them reach their fullest potential with holistic programming and services to combat the systemic poverty that they face. Wolseley Family Place now offers parenting, nutrition, crafting and athletic programming, to name just a few, as well as an on-site nurse practitioner. This unique approach ensures that Wolseley Family Place succeeded and grew.

A common theme for the users of Wolseley Family Place is poverty. For Sharon, it has always been difficult to understand how we live in such a rich world and continue to have poverty, how, if society truly values children, why aren't we feeding and housing them properly? These are questions and battles she will never stop fighting.

Sharon's working career has been a gift, a wonderful journey, and she prides herself on having had the opportunity to work with people whom society would call the marginalized.

I know her journey isn't over yet by far. She will certainly not be forgotten anytime soon in Wolseley or West Broadway. Her presence will continue, and she will find new causes to fight for. The Sharon I know will never be silent or stagnant. She will continue to work towards changing society's views to value people over profit.

I invite all members of the Chamber to join me in congratulating and thanking Sharon for her amazing service to our community.