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Greg Selinger, MLA St. Boniface
December 6, 2017

Street Links and Morberg House

On August 17, 2016 Morberg House on Provencher Boulevard opened for those that found themselves homeless. The house did not happen overnight but took years with the vision of Marion Willis, Francis Labossiere, and Sandra Delaronde, the founders of Saint Boniface Street Links. Street Links volunteers patrol to reach out to the homeless and invite them to Morberg House. The need for Street Links and Morberg House was inspired by the “homeless hero” Faron Hall.

Gail Morberg who, with her husband, founded Calm Air, funded the purchase of Morberg House. Morberg House has a long history of providing help; it was once owned by the Franciscan Sisters, a religious order dedicated to helping the poor, and the vulnerable.

À Morberg House, on offre de l’orientation et de l'aide pour trouver un soutien au revenu, des emplois, du traitement de la toxicomanie, de l'aide juridique, et plus encore. La philosophie de Morberg House en est une où les résidents s’appuient les uns les autres et où ils ont tous un mot à dire sur les services que la maison devrait fournir. Street Links along with Morberg house provides the Housing First program to the homeless.

These programs have proven to be successful with only four of the ninety-three participants having returned to the streets. Cities in Saskatchewan and Ontario have reached out to Street Links to discuss replicating their model.

If you were to talk with Marion Willis on why Morberg House is a success she would praise the community for accepting the homeless. She will speak of the individuals and organizations that help. Organizations like the Catholic Health Corporation and the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface. They sponsored a free concert attended by some eight hundred people who donated over $12,000 to Street Links. As Morberg house receives no operational funding it is the generosity of the community that helps to provide services 24 hours a day seven days a week.

To those with the vision, Mariette DeGagné president of the Board, and all involved at Morberg House and Street Links thank you for all that you do.