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Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
November 27, 2017

West Broadway Youth Outreach Radiothon

Madame Speaker,

I am always proud to share stories from my community of good people doing great work for others.

Just last Friday a small group of students from Red River College’s Creative Communications Program hosted a Radio-thon fundraiser on behalf of West Broadway Youth Outreach (WBYO). This day-long volunteer effort raised funds and also gathered much-needed school supplies for WBYO’s Homework Club. Huge thanks are owed to Red River College Instructor Dan Vadeboncoeur and students Dani Wenger, Cody Zaporzan, Talia Smith, Neil Noonan, and Taylor Allen. I very much enjoyed my on-air interview with them and want to wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Madame Speaker, it’s not difficult to understand why these students gave their time, energy and expertise to WBYO. Led by their unstoppable Director Ken Opaleke and Assistant Director Loana Valdez, this organization offers crucial life skills and recreational programming for youth ages 4 and up. WBYO believes that free structured programming and positive role models instill a sense of accountability, teach life skills and encourage positive behavior to support children in achieving their infinite potential.

WBYO programs include the Homework Club, Mathletes and literacy programs that allow students to learn in a fun and supported environment with one-on-one assistance. These programs complement and aid the support of educators, ensuring that each child's learning style is considered and their fullest potential is encouraged. In return, WBYO rewards hard working students with free laptops, new bikes, and outings to the movies, concerts, The Folk Festival, restaurants, and sporting events such as Jets Bombers and Moose games, all donated by the caring residents of Winnipeg.

In closing, I want to thank both Ken Opalake and Loana Valdez for kindly joining us in the gallery at the Legislature today. I also want to give special mention to Mr. Opalake, who is now celebrating his 26th year as Director of WBYO. I invite all MLAs to join me in thanking you Ken for all you have done and for all you will keep doing for children in our community.