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Greg Selinger, MLA St. Boniface
November 8, 2017

Belgian Club

Depuis 1908, le Club Belge a été un grand lieu de rassemblement pour les communautés belgo-canadiennes d’origine flamande et francophone de Saint-Boniface et des régions rurales du Manitoba. Aujourd’hui, il continue à accueillir de nombreux nouveaux arrivants et offre une panoplie de belles activités pour tous. A life membership for Belgium’s at the time was the same as it is today, $4.00, however today non-Belgium’s can now be a member for $10.00 per year. It’s worth it if you ask me.

Prosper Gevaert and Alfred De Cruyenaere contributed tremendously to the club. Prosper, born in Belgium, was a founding member and served as an alderman of St. Boniface from 1922-1925. And Alfred, founder of Modern Dairy Limited in St. Boniface, served as President of the Belgian Club (1935-1938).

Having such a place to carry on traditions, means a visit today to the club will allow you to partake in Belgian activities, like Belgian bowling. The club is also home to many others, such as the Robin Hood Pole Archery Club, Belgian Club Ladies Group, and the Belgian Folkdancers of Winnipeg. Since 1927 the Belgian Veteran’s Association has called the Belgian Club home. I would like to thank the veterans for their service in defending and protecting our rights and freedom.

I have been to the Belgian Club on many occasions, enjoying the dancers at Folklorama, Kermis week, the monthly summer Bar-B-Ques and fall supper. I would tell you how great the food is, but getting a table now is hard enough. Many people drive by never knowing what happens inside much like the many that drive by and miss the opportunity to see the magnificent details of the war monument sculpted by St. Boniface sculptor Hubert A. Granier.

I have heard for those so inclined that the Club has 24 types of Belgian Beer on hand. I encourage everyone to drop by the Belgium Club to enjoy the hospitality and food that the club members Lorraine Snare and Marcel DeGrave joining us today have to offer.