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Flor Marcelino, MLA Logan
October 23, 2017

Brain Tumor Awareness Week

Madame Speaker, 27 Canadians are diagnosed with brain tumour every day. A brain tumour can have a devastating impact on families, as they watch their loved ones’ physical, emotional and mental abilities suffer.

From personal experience, I can say that it is no easy feat. Today, it’s been 15 years since my successful meningioma surgery. I am so grateful that I am still around, thanks to the incredible talent, skills and support of the team of neurosurgeons at the University of Manitoba, based out of the Health Sciences Centre.

In honour of brain tumor awareness week, I have invited Dr. Neil Berrington, current head of neurosurgery at the University of Manitoba and Dr. Michael West, the former head of neurosurgery, now an Associate Dean at U of M. Together, their vision, drive and expertise have resulted in the status of HSC’s neurosurgery clinic as one of the most successful in Canada.

The University of Manitoba’s team of neurosurgeons provides neurosurgical care to all of Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwestern Ontario and parts of Eastern Saskatchewan.

In 2003 Manitoba became the first in Canada to offer Gamma Knife Surgery. It provides a minimally invasive method of operation, which delivers high dose radiation to tumours in a very precise manner making it possible to treat tumours that are surgically inaccessible.

Recruiting some of the best doctors from around the world, the neurosurgery section at the U of M has saved thousands of people like myself.

I invite my colleagues to join me in thanking Dr. West, Dr. Berrington and the University of Manitoba’s Neurosurgery Section for their pioneering and life-saving work, and for making Manitoba a centre of excellence for neurosurgery in Canada.