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, MLA Elmwood
May 29, 2017

Concordia Hospital ER

Northeast Winnipeg residents are shocked and angered that this govern­ment is closing the Concordia emergency room and the intensive care unit. I've been running ads in The Herald weekly newspaper and have been getting a huge response to my survey.

The ad reads as follows: Concordia Hospital's emergency room serves over 150,000 Manitobans in northeast Winnipeg and Transcona, with around 30,000 patients seeking treatment annually. The provincial government is eliminating the Concordia ER and the ICU unit and will force 30,000 patients to fight their way to the already overstressed St. Boniface ER and Health Sciences ER. Concordia Hospital's ER is one of the three ERs being closed by this–by the Province. The–combined with the additional visits from Victoria's 30,000, Seven Oaks's 40,000 ER patients, every year a total of 100,000 Winnipeggers will have to fight their way to the remaining three ERs, fighting extra traffic, increased parking problems and fees, just to wait at existing overstressed ERs. These overstressed remaining three ERs are expected to take up these extra 100,000 treatment 'visitets' without properly increasing their capacity to handle them, and add to that the extra, I believe it's 40,000 from Misericordia, we have a total of about 140,000 visits now in the remaining three. This will result in chaos in our health-care system.

And attached is a survey which reads: Should the Concordia Hospital ER be kept open to service the needs of north‑east Winnipeg and Transcona? And I will say that all members are invited to participate in the survey.