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Flor Marcelino, MLA Logan
May 10, 2017

Asian Heritage Month

p>Madam Speaker,

The month of May marks Asian Heritage Month, an opportunity to celebrate our province’s rich cultural diversity, and highlight the important contributions Manitoba’s Asian community have made in building our province.

As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, this year’s Asian Heritage month theme is “Celebrating the contributions of Asian Canadians: Canada 150”. While the contributions of Asian Canadians have not always been fully celebrated or recognized, they have nonetheless had a lasting impact on our province. In every aspect of our society—from arts and culture, to science and government—generations of Asian Canadians have made their mark, and helped shape our province’s history.

Today, Manitoba’s Asian community is diverse, thriving, and continues to grow. With representation from nations all over Asia, including the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Korea, China, and Pakistan, just to name a few, their combined presence is a key part of Manitoba’s rich cultural fabric. These communities have helped Manitoba become the prosperous, multicultural, and multilingual province that we are proud of today.

Throughout this month, events are being held across the province to celebrate Asian Heritage Month, and I would encourage all Manitobans to attend. I would like to thanks all of individuals involved in these events for their time, dedication, and commitment to sharing their culture with all Manitobans.