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Matt Wiebe, MLA Concordia
April 27, 2017

Mental Health Care

Madam Speaker, advocates for mental health investments are spreading their message loud and clear: we are sick of waiting.

With increased awareness of mental health issues in our communities, people are speaking out more and more and getting louder and louder about the needs for adequate mental health care. Yet, they are still waiting for accessible psychological services, they are still waiting for community-based services, they are still waiting for basic housing supports. In fact, they are still waiting for a comprehensive plan from this government. They are sick of waiting and are continuing to fight to see improvements in these areas.

In honour of next week's Mental Health Week, we stand with them in encouraging Manitobans to talk, to reflect and to engage with each other about the impacts of mental illness and what we can do to improve mental health in our province.

Speaking out about mental health issues not only empowers those who often feel alone, it builds community, it builds support and it builds a united response in pursuit of mental health well-being.

It's important for us to acknowledge the profound difficulty of this undertaking. People are fighting against the stigma that is telling them that they will be judged to help others who may be suffering. Family members are standing up and rising above the consuming grief of losing a loved one to suicide to help educate the public. People are struggling to remove the weight that mental illness bears on them to have their voices heard.

Because of these difficulties, we have an even greater responsibility as MLAs to listen to those who are speaking out about these issues and to lend our voices to those who are unheard. It is time for us to take action in making mental health a priority, so that people can stop waiting and start to see improvements that we need to see in mental health care in Manitoba.

Thank you, Madam Speaker.