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Flor Marcelino, MLA Logan
March 14, 2017

Ghanaian Union of Manitoba

Madam Speaker, the African Communities of Manitoba Incorporated, otherwise known as ACOMI, is an inclusive, non-profit organization in my constituency. They work tirelessly to bring together and unite individuals, communities and organizations of African heritage here in Manitoba.

The Ghanaian Union of Manitoba was one of the early members of ACOMI and this year they celebrated their 60th year of independence from British rule. I was honoured to partake in the celebrations, which featured music, singing and dancing and, of course, traditional food and attire.

Ghana is a peaceful country with a rich and diverse economy. It has one of the highest GDPs in West Africa, standing out as the beacon for other African countries.

The Ghanaians here in Winnipeg are very active both in their community and in the city as a whole. Most notably, they recently held fundraisers and info nights to support refugees and newcomers to our province.

Sixty years of independence is a great achievement, and the event I attended on Saturday was a huge success.

To the executives and community members here in the gallery today, congratulations to the Ghanaian Union of Manitoba and all Ghanaians in Manitoba on your continued prosperity. Thank you for your contributions to the rich cultural diversity and the vibrant economy of our province.