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Greg Selinger, MLA St. Boniface
March 23, 2017

Donna Miller

Donna Miller has served Manitobans with fearless dedication and loyalty. As the first woman to become the province’s top bureaucrat she has tirelessly illustrated how a governing system can truly reflect the people it serves. I am proud to have appointed her to the Clerk of the Executive Council in October 2015 and under her guidance, she has steered Manitoba’s public service through two different Premierships.

Donna has provided exemplary support for government where she has illustrated her inclusive management system in ensuring the executive is administered properly, has fostered strong intergovernmental relations, and has proved to be an innovative liaison between various departments in government. Her experience and depth of knowledge is well known in all levels of government. She is one of the most intelligent, competent people I have heard the pleasure of working with.

Over the course of her career, Donna showcased her leadership and keen intellect as a constitutional lawyer, as the head of the federal justice Department for Mantioba, and as deputy Minister of Justice in Manitoba prior to her current position. Donna followed her career path looking to make a difference, contribute to Manitoba, and to create inclusive improvements to the public service sector. I am confident in saying that she most certainly accomplished these goals.

Donna’s contributions to Manitoba have not gone unnoticed. In running the civil service for over two years, she has served to be the backbone of this province. Donna truly embodies the spirit of Manitoba’s public service: she is dedicated, passionate, and undeniably distinguished. Ms. Miller, on behalf of our NDP caucus and all Manitobans, I thank you for all your years of service, and your immeasurable contributions to our great province.