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Jim Maloway, MLA Elmwood
December 2, 2016

The Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre

The Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre has been a fixture in my constituency of Elmwood for over 40 years. It provides inviting, stimulating and flexible childcare for the community. Today, the Centre teaches over 250 preschool and school aged children.

Its preschool program has been located in Elmwood High School for 25 years, having moved from its original location in a local church basement. No doubt many early learning and childcare programs began this way. The school age program operates out of four Elmwood area schools: George V, Kent Road School, Polson School, and Elmwood High School.

When parents drop their kids off at school or daycare, they want to feel secure knowing they’re leaving their children in good hands. Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre has a team of dedicated staff, who work to make sure the students are provided a safe and respectful environment, where they are free to express themselves. The Centre’s board and staff have worked tirelessly to create innovative and stimulating programming, and a nurturing environment for the children. We have Silvana Passante Cantafio , Karen Caumartin Melanie Fraser, Mendy Wolchock , Rita Bell, Elena Landau, Carol Gossel, Gilles Gareauand and Amanda Saunders— who are all staff and board members of the Centre—with us in the galleries today.

Please join me in recognizing Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre for their important contribution to our community, and in thanking the staff for their invaluable work.