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James Allum, MLA Fort Garry - Riverview
November 29, 2016

Pearl Domienik

I rise today to pay tribute to an extraordinary woman who, after a career that spanned four decades with the Province of Manitoba, retired from the public service some two weeks ago.

Madam Speaker, I refer to the magnificent, the incomparable, the simply amazing Pearl Domienik who among many other positions, served Ministers of Education on both sides of the house during her incredible career with the Government of Manitoba.

During our time in government, Pearl served many NDP Ministers of Education including, among others, the iconic Muriel Smith, Drew Caldwell, Peter Bjornsson, Nancy Allen, and last (and certainly least) myself. That she could become such a beloved figure among all of my former colleagues is, I would say, a remarkable testament to her professionalism, her integrity, and perhaps most of all her infinite patience.

Pearl emigrated to Canada with her husband Eddie in 1974 and began her career with the province in 1976. Together they built a life in our great province and are the proud parents of Natalie, Katie and Chelsea and the adoring grandparents of Nieve and Jorja.

Anyone who called the Department of Education, will know that distinctive, always friendly British accent that was at as charming as it was sophisticated. Pearl’s mastery of the education system was second to none and her attention to detail awe-inspiring and more than a little intimidating to those of us - okay me – who need more work in that regard.

To say that I am just a bit fond of Pearl is an understatement – over the last few years she meant the world to me and my family in ways that I could never have imagined. I feel very lucky to have worked with her, to get to know her, and I feel very privileged to call her my friend.

Madam Speaker, Pearl is obviously not in the gallery today. She made it quite clear to me that she wanted to retire without any fanfare and likely won’t be all that happy that I’m making this statement but I could not let her retirement pass without acknowledging her tremendous career and thank her for all she did for me let alone so many others.

May you enjoy your retirement Pearl, you have certainly earned it!