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Andrew Swan, MLA Minto
June 21, 2016

General Wolfe Wolfpack

They are tough, quick and dedicated. They worked all–hard all season toward a goal. And, Madam Speaker, I am West End proud to tell you that this season the senior boys' basketball team at General Wolfe School won the Junior High Invitational Tournament for the first time in the school's history.

The Wolfpack surprised many in the tournament, as they entered as the sixth seed. They had to beat three suburban schools to claim the title. After a close win over the Arthur Leach Lancers, the Wolfpack went on to defeat the Kildonan East Reivers by a narrow margin of only three points to qualify for the tournament final.

In the final, the Wolfpack faced the Garden City Gophers, the top-ranked team in the tournament, in front of a supportive West End crowd. In their two previous games, the Gophers had dominated their opponents, beating them each by over 20 points. Yet the Gophers were no match for the Wolfpack's defensive discipline and were unable to stop wily point guard Montey Everd and six-foot-two centre post Isaiah Letander.

The Wolfpack brought the championship trophy home to Ellice Avenue, winning by a score of 53 to 43. Long-serving head coach Victor Guerra and assistant coach Jeff Prosken have done an incredible job this season. In typical West End fashion, though, they pass on all the credit to the team for their work ethic and cohesiveness.

My West End neighbours and I celebrate the results of the teamwork and dedication of the players, coaches, staff and parents.

I'm excited to see what the future brings as these fine young men move on to attend high school this September.

Both the DMCI and Tec Voc basketball programs are eagerly awaiting their arrival as we look for more championships for Winnipeg's West End.

Madam Speaker, I ask this House for leave to have the names of the players and coaches of the General Wolf Wolfpack recorded permanently in Hansard.

Thank you.

Kevin Ly, Isaiah Letander, Kenniston Roxas, Montey Everd, Jordan Agustin, Justin Ducusin, Josh Teano, Aaron Varila, Ahron Teodocio, Rhandel Banzon, Tommy Tran, Michael Sancio, Victor Guerra (head coach), Jeff Prosken (assistant coach)