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Jim Maloway, MLA Elmwood
March 8, 2016

Child Daycare Funding

Mr. Speaker, our NDP government knows how important child care is to the economic growth of our province and to well‑being of our children and working families.

In 1983, the NDP government passed The Community Child Day Care Standards Act. That momentous act made sure that daycare in Manitoba met high standards and it provided funding to ensure that children with special needs were taken care of. By 1987, many daycare advocates said that Manitoba had the best system of training and daycare in North America.

Mr. Speaker, in 1991, Manitoba daycare took a giant step backward when the Conservative Filmon government drastically reduced daycare funding and dramatically restructured the system. By 1993, funding was way down, and spaces were capped. To top it off, the Manitoba Child Care Association and Family Day Care Association both lost their annual operating grants.

In 2000, the new NDP government increased child-care funding by 18 per cent in their first budget. Since then, the NDP governments have nearly doubled the number of high-quality, affordable spaces and worked steadfastly to improve our public child care that supports middle- class and hard-working Manitoba families, strengthens the economy and gives kids a strong start.

Mr. Speaker, in Elmwood, as across the province, there's a steady demand for spaces. I'm glad to say that since 2011, in Elmwood alone, our NDP government has provided over $1.3 million in funding for child-care spaces and child-care facility upgrades at wonderful centres like Bright Future Day Care, Brazier Street Nursery School, Can You Imagine Preschool Care and Education Centre, Care‑a-Lot Child Care Centre, Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre, Elmwood Day Nursery and Poplar Avenue Kids Care.

Mr. Speaker, this year we committed to eliminating the wait-list by adding 12,000 new spaces while supporting well paid and well trained child-care staff in the years ahead. We have committed to a universally accessible child-care system for all Manitoba families who need it, because everyone matters.

Thank you.