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Honourable Andrew Swan, MLA Minto
June 5, 2014

RCMP Shooting in Moncton

Yesterday, Canadians watched in horror as a tragedy unfolded in the streets of Moncton, New Brunswick, a city that today remains in lockdown. I know all members of the Assembly will join me in hoping and praying for a speedy and peaceful resolution to this crisis.

Mr. Speaker, three members of the RCMP were shot and killed in Moncton. No words can express the heartbreak that the families of these three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers are experiencing today. They, as well as the two officers injured and their families, are in our thoughts today.

The death of a police officer is among the most challenging a community or a country faces. The loss of a police officer is so rare and yet they hit our communities so hard. The individuals killed in Moncton yesterday have always lived with the reality that they might find themselves where they found themselves yesterday. They went to work every day knowing this. Their daily bravery and courage are truly remarkable and we can never repay them for literally giving all to their job.

As the Premier said earlier today, this is a stark reminder of the risks taken by law enforcement officers on a daily basis, as well as the commitments and sacrifices made by the RCMP and their families. We need to always remember their sacrifices are made by both officers and their families. Our police officers not only serve and protect us, they're also community leaders, coaches, volunteers, family, friends and neighbours.

The people of Manitoba stand with the family and friends of the officers in Moncton, New Brunswick, and the law enforcement community across Canada. As they work to heal from this tragedy and to find justice for these unspeakable acts of violence, our thoughts and prayers will be with them.