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Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
September 12, 2013

Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS)­–25th Anniversary

Mr. Speaker, today I proudly congratulate the Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports, MODS, on 25 years of high-calibre athletic performance and amazing recreation opportunities for Manitobans.

Ultimate Frisbee is a unique sport played by people of different genders, ages and skill levels without any referees. Any disagreements on the field are resolved by the players themselves following the code of Spirit of the Game. As my colleague from Concordia can attest, any sport where you run wind sprints for two hours also offers an intense physical workout.

My own introduction to Ultimate happened at Assiniboine Park in the summer of 1995, and I've been hooked ever since. Our local league has grown from a few dozen players back then to well over 4,000 athletes today. I remember volunteering with the MODS Fields Committee over a decade ago, and am proud that our government helped fund the Winnipeg Ultimate Park in south Winnipeg that was recently used by 180 teams in 41 divisions for this year's league championships.

Manitoba's Ultimate touring teams are also a source of pride, Mr. Speaker. Just last month five teams from Manitoba made it to the medal rounds at this year's national championships, with two of them winning berths in next year's World Championships in Lecco, Italy. Special congratulations are owed to Manitoba's women's team, called Fusion, and to my own team in the Masters Division, named Flood, on this amazing accomplishment. Indeed, had my duties at the Legislature not kept me here, I would have gladly joined my Flood teammates at nationals, though that might have meant we didn't qualify for worlds.

Mr. Speaker, I seek leave of the House to include the names of all the Manitoba athletes who represented our province at the 2013 National Championships. I also wish to acknowledge the hard work of Mr. Corey Draper, executive director of MODS, and to extend my deep thanks to past and present members of the MODS board and to all the volunteers, as well, for bringing this amazing sport to Manitoba and nurturing its explosive growth over the years.

May the handling and hammering, cutting and cupping, forcing and flicking, hucking and hoeing, stacking and snacking, zoning and groaning, celebrating and storytelling continue for many more years to come.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker: Is there leave to allow the names that the honourable member for Wolseley mentioned to be included in the proceedings of today? [Agreed]

Team Roster–Flood, Masters Division: 1 George Buri, 2 Trevor Horvath, 3 Brian Cruz, 4 Rob Burns, 8 David Campbell, 9 Jeremie Kuypers, 10 Ian Clegg, 12 Charles Reed, 13 Lee Davis, 14 Tim O'Toole, 15 Brad Gerbrandt, 16 Eddsel Martinez, 20 Corey Draper, 21 Lee Crierie, 22 Daniel Bedard, 25 Mark Mutawe, 27 Cam Jones, 32 Mike Morris, 33 Dave Howes, 34 Ryan Pilgrim, 42 AJ Hunter, 44 Cory Young, 47 Duane Poettcker, 71 Clark Greenfield, 76 Nathan Gerbrandt

Team Roster–Fusion, Women's Division: 3 Erin McKinlay, 4 Alexa Kovacs, 5 Paige McCullough, 7 Laura Hatch, 8 Kate Scarth, 9 Cayla Mooney, 10 Meaghan Marsland, 11 Cheryl Coulter, 12 Latita Seaman, 13 Emily Forrest, 16 Karen Hatch, 18 Emma Brooks, 27 Hillary Prescott, 28 Melanie Blanchard, 29 Kaiya Seaman, 33 Elan Chochinov, 36 Robin Merasty, 37 Leah Parker, 44 Nicole Vidal, 89 Samie Lovat

Team Roster–General Strike, Open Division: 27 Jonathan Luk, - Jasa Grant, 0 Daniel Plourde, 1 Joshua Magnusson, 10 Jordan Kovacs, 11 Mike Chura, 13 Weichi Truong, 14 Jordan Chochinov, 15 Scott Jones, 2 Tyler Chochinov, 21 Cam Burden, 23 Yacine Bara, 0 Matthew Loxley, 28 Tyler Ganes, 3 Brad Davidson, 4 Jesse Greenberg, 50 Sean Brooks, 7 Kyle Parker, 74 Willem Konrad, 8 Scott Warwaruk, 80 Elliot Wong, 9 Ethan Kovacs, 9 Bailey Herron, 96 Zach Goldberg

Team Roster–Critical Mass, Open Division: 0 Robert Logan, 4 Josh Kerr, 6 Daniel Desrosiers, 10 Dominic Kovacs, 12 Dayton Malegus, 13 Christopher Graham, 17 Liam McLeod, 17 Carlos Villa, 21 Dean Johnstone, 22 Anton Sigurdson, 24 Zack Hawley, 29 Brendan Wilson, 33 Justin Delorme, 34 Annachie Baskier-Pasternak, 55 Quinn Tays, 64 Kyle Thomson, 94 Hugh Wichenko

Team Roster–Red River Rebellion, Mixed Division: 3 Sean Restall, 5 David Samborski, 8 Kendra Borgford, 10 Laura Boman, 11 Bailey Jablonski Armstrong, 13 Jonathan Boman, 16 David Zhen, 17 Julia Laforge, 18 Justin Suss, 21 Stefan Berube, 24 Andrew Stevens, 28 Nigel Russell, 29 Josh Drury, 31 Michelle Fiola, 44 Amy Campbell, 44 Brooke Fletcher, 45 Lisa Harms, 70 Jordan Watt, 74 Dylan Hewlett

Team Roster–MOFO, Junior Girls Division: 0 Somin Park, 2 Hailey Yozenko, 3 Brooke Herron, 4 Johanna Ens-MacIver, 5 Kaycee Hunt, 7 Erika Gustafson-Fish, 10 Jada Lim, 10 Anya Snider, 11 Shannon Kleysen, 12 Joely Valencerina, 13 Megan Mahon, 14 Amy Lam, 15 Ainslee Heim, 17 Cassidy Kelch, 20 Kirsten Hooper, 21 Megan Skakum, 24 Katie Lesage, 26 Katiana Mastin, 29 Parisa Sepehri, 33 Renee Delorme, 36 Aleksandra Ciochon Newton, 64 Amy Song, 77 Krista Aitken

Team Roster–MOFO, Junior Boys Division: 2 David Ladyman, 4 Jacob Meiklejohn, 5 Matthew Ladyman, 7 Jon Kapac, 8 Peter Charles McCarthy, 9 Mark Carlson, 10 Caleb Snider, 12 John Guest, 13 Ethan Duncan, 14 Andrew Langelaar, 15 Alan Scarth, 16 Renz Partido, 18 Jackson Gustafson-Fish, 19 Nicholas Dacquisto,21 Artur Kivilaht, 22 Luke Kapac, 23 Gil Binnun, 25 Oren Binnun, 31 Frank Vattheuer, 52 Liam Sawatzky, 76 Steven Brown, 89 Neil Redpath, 95 Shayne Pfeifer, 96 Eric Chen, 98 Quinn Snider