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Andrew Swan, MLA Minto
June 7, 2007

Keep the Beat War Child Benefit

Madam Deputy Speaker, on May 24, I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Keep the Beat, a fundraiser for War Child Canada, at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute.

Students came not only from DMCI, but also from Maples, Sisler, St. Johns, Elmwood, St. Boniface and Kelvin. More than 500 students from these high schools filled the stands in the Maroons gymnasium to capacity, and, indeed, students filled the available space on the floor as well. Students participated in a series of music and dance competitions.

The singing competition had students in the stands breaking out not lighters but cellphones to celebrate incredible vocal performances. A wide variety of dancers and dance troupes, some with as many as 25 dancers, went through their energetic routines. Finally, four teams of break dancers displayed their best moves.

I had the difficult task of being one of the judges of the competition, but the competitive aspect was secondary to the spirit and camaraderie shown by several hundred students. Performers from all schools were cheered loudly, and the feeling in the packed gymnasium was truly one of unity.

The funds raised through DMCI's Keep the Beat event will help War Child Canada provide humanitarian assistance to war-affected children through international programs in countries such as Sierra Leone, Iraq, Sudan, Ghana, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I congratulate the student council of DMCI for organizing yet another successful event. I also acknowledge the hundreds of young people who came together for a common cause and a great event. Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker.