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Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
June 3, 2013

Ann Rallison

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commend an outstanding art teacher in our province, Ann Rallison. Late last year, the Canadian Society for Education through Art recognized Ann with the Ronita deBlois Canadian Art Educator of the Year Award.

Ann immigrated to Winnipeg from Britain in 1986, after having participated on a teacher exchange to Manitoba. She now teaches art to students at Laura Secord School and Machray School here in Winnipeg. As the schools’ in house art expert, Ann works with teachers to plan art classes which correlate to the children’s curriculum, from units in history, to mathematics, to science. Ann helps to develop innovative ways of learning. She uses art to bridge the gap between different topics while engaging students’ minds.

Ann Rallison teaches art because she loves it and her students love it too. I have two entire walls of my living room as living proof, as my two children are lucky enough to attend Laura Secord School. Several art pieces created by Ann’s students are now travelling around the world as part of an art exhibition organized through the University of Manitoba. She was also brave enough to spend three days at a camp with 80 grade six students.

For Ann, art education is about creating a safe environment where students can develop their creative side. Although her preferred medium is printmaking, Ann and her students also experiment with a variety of mediums. With a paint brush, a pastel, a pencil crayon or clay in hand, students are able to explore their imagination.

Ann is also an active artist in the community. She is a member of the Manitoba Printmakers Association Board of Directors at the Martha Street Studio. Her artwork has been sold worldwide through her website, and at Gallery Lacosse on Lilac Street.

Mr. Speaker, Ann Rallison is here with us today in the public gallery, along with her partner Jocelyn, Laura Secord Principal Heather Boswick-Stanus and several friends. I would like all members of the Legislative Assembly to join me in congratulating and thanking Ann for teaching our children to look outside the walls of the classroom through the windows of their imagination.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.