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Jim Maloway, MLA Elmwood
May 24, 2012

Transcona Political History

Mr. Speaker, on April the 12th, Transcona officially marked its hundredth anniversary as a community. At the official ceremony the Premier (Mr. Selinger) gave an eloquent history of Transcona and the role of the NDP and the CNR in shaping it.

Mr. Speaker, I'd like to take this opportunity to further reflect on Transcona's political history, one that is clearly intertwined with the railway.

As far back as 1920, Arthur Moore was elected as the soldier-labour MLA for Springfield. He was twice–he was a twice-wounded soldier during World War I and later went on to serve as Dominion President of the Royal Canadian Legion.

In the provincial election of October 15, 1945, George Olive was elected as the CCF MLA for Springfield. He was employed by the CNR, and previously served as the mayor of Transcona.

On June 8, 1953, Russ Paulley succeeded Olive as the CCF MLA for the Kildonan for Kildonan-Transcona. Paulley was born in Elmwood, he was an upholsterer by trade and was employed by the CNR Shops as foreman of the upholstery division. After serving as mayor of Transcona, Paulley was first elected to the Manitoba Legislature in 1953 and rose to become the NDP leader. Under the Schreyer government as Labour Minister, Paulley was responsible for the introduction of higher minimum wages, reduced weekly hours of work, workplace health and safety act and other progressive legislation.

In October 1977, Wilson Parasiuk was elected MLA for Transcona representing the NDP 'til 1988, serving as the Minister of Energy and Mines and later Minister of Health.

And, of course, in 1990, Mr. Speaker, you were elected as MLA for Transcona and have been serving the good people of your constituency ever since.

Federally, Transcona was exceptionally represented by the Honourable Bill Blaikie, who served the residents of Elmwood-Transcona for 30 years.

It's good to be part of a government that continues to support Transcona through projects like the Transcona Centennial Square and major road projects that benefit the citizens of Transcona, such as the rehabilitation of Regent Avenue and Dugald Road.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.