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Rob Altemeyer, MLA Wolseley
April 27, 2012

Broadway Neighbourhood Centre

I'm very pleased to rise today in this Chamber and sing the many praises of the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre located in my home community of West Broadway. I'm also very pleased to call my colleagues' attention to the public gallery, where we are joined today by the director of the centre, Mr. Spatch Mulhall, and Linda Williams as well. Thank you both so much for coming down.

Mr. Speaker and honoured dignitaries, the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre is no stranger to being recognized, and deservedly so. They've already won an Accessibility Award from the City of Winnipeg and a Spirit of the Earth Award from Manitoba Hydro. But today, I'm very pleased to announce that, on April the 17th, the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre received the Premier's volunteer award from our very own Premier.

To try to understand just how crucially important this centre is, and the remarkable work that it is doing on poverty reduction and crime prevention right in the heart of our capital city, one need only go to their website and click on the programs. You will find no less than 17 different items pop up on your screen. Just some of these are: the Just TV programs, the Lighthouses, a partnership with the YM/YWCA, the homework club, the running club, the powwow club, the girls club. They also have a learn-to-fish program. Programs that bring Camp Manitou experiences for youth in the neighbourhood. A community computer access lab, medicinal picking expertise with traditional knowledge, free public skating during the winter, and a nutrition program. The list goes on and on. All of this in one very busy centre.

The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre's probably best known, thanks to national media coverage that it received, for its award-winning Just TV program. It's part of the national crime prevention initiative, and it engages at-risk local youth, many of them gang involved, to conceive, produce, and edit, and program their own videos with positive messages for youth. The youth involved participate in all aspects of the video creation, including the editing, and the skills training helps them to develop a social enterprise of youth, and their self-esteem and sense of belonging simply goes through the roof. Over 30 videos, Mr. Speaker, have already been uploaded to YouTube. And twice a year, they hold a remarkable film festival to showcase their work.

One of the other remarkable things about this organization is the partnerships they've brought together. All three levels of government, The Winnipeg Foundation, and local business leaders, such as Edward Carriere, see the value in the work that is happening at this centre.

And I am very, very pleased to thank all the board, staff, volunteers, and most of all, the youth involved with the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre.