Disabilities supports

We’re building a Manitoba where no one is left behind.

Many people with disabilities have trouble accessing the services others take for granted. We are addressing these issues so that Manitoba can be a stronger, more inclusive home for everyone.

  • We want to remove all barriers for persons with disabilities, whether that means making buildings more accessible or improving employment practices. In December 2013, we passed into law historic legislation that sets out a collaborative, long-term plan for making Manitoba completely barrier-free.

  • When Brian Pallister was in cabinet, his government did not build a single unit of affordable housing. This creates even more barriers for people with disabilities who have a harder time finding a place to live. Instead, our government is developing thousands of new social and affordable housing units for families, including over 250 accessible Manitoba Housing units for low-income persons with disabilities.

  • The Residential Adaptations for Disabilities Program provides financial assistance to low-income Manitobans with disabilities to make changes to their house or rental unit. This could include installing things like wheelchair ramps, hand guards and lift systems that help increase a person’s mobility, safety and independence in their home.

Our government is working to guarantee persons with disabilities the same rights as everyone else and to build an accessible Manitoba for families.