Doctors and Nurses

Every Manitoban who wants one deserves to have a family doctor.

To make sure we reach this goal by the end of 2015, we’re investing in front-line staff, including more doctors and nurse practitioners, so that every family gets the care they need.

  • Brian Pallister’s Conservatives are still calling for across-the-board cuts and American-style, two-tier health care. That didn’t work in the 1990s, when our health care system went into crisis, with 1,000 nurses fired and 117 doctors forced out of the province. It won’t work now. Under our NDP government, we’ve seen a net gain of 732 more doctors, and for every nurse fired, we’ve hired more than three nurses back.

  • We want to expand the medical workforce every step of the way to make sure we can meet Manitoba’s growing demand for doctors. We have increased medical school spaces from 70 seats to 110 since 1999, and we created tuition rebates and recruitment grants to encourage more doctors to practice in our province.

  • We are committed to making sure all Manitobans have access to a family doctor by the end of 2015. To help do that, we’ve added 276 more doctors since 2011.

We’ve added more doctors and nurses than ever before over the last decade because we’re focused on the things that matter most to Manitoba families—like making health care better.