Universities, Colleges & Apprenticeships

Investing in affordable, accessible, quality education

Strong universities and colleges are essential to help connect young people to the opportunities available in a modern, growing economy. That’s why we are not cutting post-secondary funding as we have seen in other provinces.

  • The last time Brian Pallister’s PCs were in government, university and college tuition fees skyrocketed by 132%. Our NDP government is working hard to keep tuition affordable—we now have the third lowest tuition for university and the second lowest tuition for college in Canada.

  • Our 60% tuition income tax rebate provides financial relief for students who have recently completed their studies and encourages them to start a career in Manitoba. And now students can claim a 5% advance on the rebate while they are still in school – when they need it most.

    • So far the rebate has put $90 million back into the pockets of graduates. The Educational Policy Institute says the rebate “effectively provides Manitoba students with free tuition,” combined with other incentives.

    • We are making Manitoba the first province in western Canada to offer zero interest student loans. We’re also reducing barriers for rural and northern students by creating a vehicle exemption for student loan applicants.

Our plan focuses on improving our schools and colleges, connecting young people to jobs here at home and keeping tuition affordable for parents and students.