Jobs and the Economy

We are investing in good jobs and skills training to grow our economy and make sure families like yours can build a future right here in Manitoba.

  • Brian Pallister is pushing for half a billion dollars in across-the-board cuts, which would mean putting our economy at risk and firing nurses and teachers. Instead, we’ve created a $5.5-billion infrastructure plan that will create nearly 60,000 jobs for Manitobans and will grow our economy by $6.3 billion.

  • Young people have a future here in Manitoba. Whether they’re learning a trade, graduating from university or starting their first job, our youth unemployment rate remains the second lowest in Canada.

  • Manitoba is one of the most affordable places to live in Canada. We plan to keep it that way, by guaranteeing Manitobans pay the lowest combined electricity, home heating and car insurance rates in the country.

At a time when the global and national economies are still making a fragile recovery, Brian Pallister still supports reckless cuts that will stop our economic momentum and hurt the services families count on.

That’s why it is so important that we keep our eye on the ball—creating good jobs for Manitobans with training opportunities and strategic investments in infrastructure.