Manitoba seniors helped build this great province.

They deserve to live with dignity and know that the services they count on are there for them.

  • Brian Pallister wanted to privatize home care the last time he was in government, and he’s pushing for privatized, for-profit health care now. We fought this in the 1990s and we’re fighting it again. Instead, our NDP government is expanding home care to support older adults who want to stay home longer.

  • This year we doubled the Seniors’ School Tax Rebate to help keep life affordable for seniors. Seniors who pay property tax on their home can now save up to $1,570 off their school taxes. This means nearly 24,000 senior households will no longer pay any school taxes at all this year.

  • The Primary Caregiver Tax Credit has also increased to $1,400, up from $1,275 in 2014; in 2014/15 the Primary Caregiver Tax Credit will benefit over 17,000 primary caregivers and put more than $22 million into their pockets.

    • Primary caregivers can claim up to three care recipients on their income tax return, for a maximum $4,200, which is fully refundable to the caregiver.

  • We provide support to over 15,500 units of seniors housing through a variety of programs across the province. We have also added over 1,000 PCH and supportive housing beds, and have hundreds more in development right now, to ensure our loved ones can age safely and closer to home.

Instead of privatizing home care and cancelling new housing for seniors, our NDP government will continue to invest in the front-line services our families count on.