Nothing opens more doors than a good education.

Our NDP government’s commitment to add 75,000 workers to the workforce by 2020 starts with making sure every child can get a good education and training opportunities.

  • Instead of laying off teachers to make ends meet, we’re choosing a balanced approach. Even in these uncertain economic times we’ve increased school funding this year for the 16th year in a row.

  • We are giving Manitoba schools more tools to fight bullying and cyberbullying so that every student, including those who are LGBTTQ*, can feel safe in school.

    • Brian Pallister’s PCs, on the other hand, unanimously voted against this legislation. They also cut or froze Manitoba’s education budget almost every year they were in government.

  • Smaller class sizes mean that kids get more individual attention from their teacher when they need it most—in those vital first years in school. We are moving forward on our commitment to limit class sizes to 20 students for kindergarten to Grade 3.

We said no to cuts that hurt families—that approach didn’t work the last time the PCs were in government, and it won’t work now.

Instead, our plan will give young people opportunities to stay and get good jobs right here in Manitoba.