Poverty reduction

We want everyone to be able to build a good life for themselves and their family.

We’re working with families and community activists to invest in targeted supports that help people out of poverty and into good jobs.

  • The last time they were in government, Brian Pallister’s Conservatives cut income assistance rates by $150/month and clawed back the National Child Benefit from parents. Our NDP government reinstated those benefits and invested in targeted strategies, such as the Rewarding Work strategy. It’s making a difference: over 14,500 Manitobans have left social assistance since 2007.

  • Last year we invested $22 million into our Manitoba Rent Assist benefit – which significantly increased housing support for people on social assistance and can move with them as they moved into the workforce. Thanks to this program, rent support for low-income Manitobans will increase to 75% of the median market rent.

  • Raising minimum wage helps many low-income, working Manitobans. Our minimum wage is now at $11.00 per hour, which means a single parent in Manitoba earning minimum wage has a bigger after-tax, take-home cheque than they would in any other province.

We know there’s more work to do, but we’re continuing to work with families and communities to make Manitoba an inclusive and affordable place for everyone.