Manitoba Infrastructure

Building better infrastructure—including roads, highways and flood protection—pays off.

We’re building and expanding our infrastructure to create good jobs and grow the economy, but not at the expense of our schools and hospitals.

  • Brian Pallister’s plan to cut half a billion dollars from the budget would hurt families and hurt the economy—it’s what the Conservatives did in the 1990s and it took years to undo the damage. Instead, we’re investing a record $10 billion over eight years to build roads and highways, flood protection and municipal infrastructure.

  • We are not willing to hurt the economy and put families and businesses at risk by letting roads and bridges fall into disrepair. We are bringing Highway 75 up to interstate flood standards to ensure trade and tourism can continue uninterrupted in most flood situations and at the same time generate 2,450 good jobs.

  • We’re creating more good jobs for Manitobans right here at home. Our initial five-year infrastructure plan will create 58,900 jobs alone.

Extending our five-year plan beyond 2020 will invest in urgently needed infrastructure and, in the first five years, boost the economy by $6.3 billion.

We are working to grow the economy and give young people the opportunity to raise their family here at home.