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Ted Marcelino, MLA Tyndall Park
July 10, 2013

Men in the Kitchen!

Mr. Speaker, the Keewatin/Inkster Neighbourhood Resource Council has started a bold new program called Men in the Kitchen! which is helping our neighbourhood become a more closely knit community. This program is particularly helpful for seniors who may not have learned to cook healthy food growing up, but now want to learn for themselves.

Men in the Kitchen! is a cooking course with a focus on hands-on learning. Men learn to cook classic comfort food with healthy ingredients. The men also learn safe food handling, visit with a dietitian and go on a trip to the grocery store to practise reading labels in a smart way. At the end of the course, the men cook and serve a fundraising lunch, which I have attended in the past and enjoyed immensely.

This free program welcomes men from all different backgrounds who want to learn new, and often nontraditional skills. But the greatest gift of this program is the way it brings people together.

Attending today are some of the fine (founding)members of Men in the Kitchen!: Harold Bachinski, Tom Hutchinson, Steve Mateush, John Paton, Wesley Thomson and Harvey Sumka.

I hope this fine organization continues to take root in our community. Thank you.