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, MLA St. Norbert
July 8, 2013

Group'Action St. Norbert

The people of St. Norbert have had a long tradition of getting involved in social and community issues. A great example of this is Group'Action St. Norbert, or GAS, a bilingual coalition of over 15 groups of non‑profit organizations who promote solutions to economical, historical and societal and environmental issues in our area. We're very proud of our community of movers and shakers.

Group'Action St. Norbert first began when a determined group of people decided to pool their advocacy for the relocation of the original Duff Roblin park to its new location at the Red River Floodway gates in St. Norbert, and it continued to grow from there.

They are headed up by the very dedicated co‑chairs Bob Roehle and Roger Dubois. One of the Group'Action St. Norbert's most recent successes was the announcement of the St. Norbert BIZ. This association will offer St. Norbert small businesses with a huge advantage in the future.

Group'Action St. Norbert in the spirit of community dedication, lobbied for the creation of the St. Norbert Heritage Trails. These trails are popular with joggers, cyclists and walking groups and roughly cover nine kilometres, weaving through the rich cultural heritage of St. Norbert.

GAS also advocated for further development in apartments and condos for seniors wishing to remain in St. Norbert after selling their family homes and worked with Tourisme Riel to establish a historical geocaching project in St. Norbert.

Mr. Speaker, Group'Action St. Norbert's list of accomplishments is truly something to be proud of.

Mr. Speaker, I'm a big believer in grassroots solutions, solutions that come from people who live, work and go to school in that community.

Thank you to all the dedicated members of Group'Action St. Norbert and thank you to Bob Roehle and Roger Dubois for joining us here today.