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, MLA Kirkfield Park
July 4, 2013

MLA Peacekeeper Awards

I had a wonderful time this June visiting my neighbourhood schools and meeting with some exceptional young people. This year I was pleased to be able to present MLA peacekeeper awards to bright, deserving students at all nine schools in Kirkfield Park.

The MLA peacekeeper awards are awarded to students who show a commitment to peacekeeping through non-violent conflict resolution, co-operation and the principles of fair play in the classroom and at school. Schools nominate students who they feel embody these values and then at the school's year end–end of year graduation or farewell, I have the opportunity to congratulate them and present them their award in person.

In a world where violence is increasingly glorified, it's wonderful to recognize young people who actively work to promote peaceful conflict resolution in their school community.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients, including Jessica Boiling at Westwood Collegiate, Jaden Lakie and Michaela Hamm from Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary and Middle School, Oliver Peace and Desiray Leon from École Bannatyne, Madison Bewer at St. Charles Catholic, Tarik Zeid and Marissa McNaughtan from Bruce Middle School and Chase Hornby from Lincoln School.

The leadership skills students develop now stay with them their whole lives. These leaders of tomorrow truly embody what it means to be a peacekeeper.

Thank you to all the schools for inviting me to their graduation and farewell ceremonies, and I hope all of our hard-working students have a relaxing summer.

I will be out canvassing as much as possible, and my office will also be hosting two barbecues in July and August that are open to all Kirkfield Park residents. I hope to continue meeting many more exceptional people in Kirkfield Park.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.