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, MLA Selkirk
June 3, 2013

B.O.S.S. Guitar Works Fundraiser

Mr. Speaker, this past Thursday in Selkirk I joined the member for Gimli, members of the opposition and almost a thousand other people at the Built by Suns, Signed by Stars 2.0 gala and auction in support of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

This was no ordinary gala. The event was put on by students and staff from Selkirk Junior High's Building on Student Success program (or "B.O.S.S.") Guitar Works program.

Through the B.O.S.S. program students build real electric guitars that get signed by celebrities and sold at auctions and raffles, Mr. Speaker. The students volunteered their time to build these guitars during lunch and after class, and the guitars that they built they were able to get signed by a variety of stars and public figures, from Bill Clinton to Burton Cummings, Rick Mercer to Rush, Stephen Harper, just to name a few. And in the past two years the program has raised over $65,000 in support of the Human Rights Museum and other causes including the United Way.

Mr. Speaker, I would agree, I think all those who attended agree, that the event was an incredible success, run by 175 truly energetic student volunteers. Twenty-four guitars were auctioned off, and I know the member for Gimli and I were outbid in our attempts to buy some of these guitars. But, as well, I know that there were 34 other guitars that were sold online. And while they don't know the final total yet, I know that that evening they grossed over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Mr. Speaker, it's truly amazing to see young people work so hard to contribute to such important causes, and I'd like to ask all members to join me into congratulating the students, Principal Wayne Davies, staff and volunteers for a great event, and thanking them for their commitment to creating positive change in our province.

Thank you so much.