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, MLA St. James
May 30, 2013

Girl Guides Unit 157

Today I would like to recognize some very special visitors to the Legislative Building. Members of the Girl Guides 157th unit were in the gallery today watching the session, and what a day to attend, I tell you.

Girl Guides of Canada is a great organization that invites girls across Canada to challenge themselves, find their voices, meet new friends, develop a wide range of skills and make a difference in the world. Through Girl Guides, girls aged 5 through 17 can participate in a variety of programs that help them develop practical skills and learn to work as a team. They also learn the importance of respecting others and of serving the community. Over 70,000 girls and young women are currently involved in the Girl Guides program across the country under the leadership of more than 18,000 volunteers.

This winter, I got a chance to spend some time with these intelligent, inquisitive girls. They invited me to come and speak to them as part of their Beyond You program badge. To earn the badge the girls had to invite a community leader to a meeting and ask questions to learn about their role in the community. I was honoured to be invited and genuinely enjoyed answering questions for these bright young ladies. While they had the chance to ask me some questions, I took the opportunity to ask them about their lives, their accomplishments and their hopes for the future. I would not be surprised if each of the members of unit 157 indeed reaches all of their goals.

Organizations such as Girl Guides do great work in helping young people learn to discover interests, develop skills and appreciate the value of community involvement. I would also like to express my appreciation for the guidance that the group's leadership team provides. The commitment and dedication of these volunteers to the program and to the girls themselves is what makes this organization successful. The enjoyment that they get from working with the girls was clear at the meeting I attended and was reflected in the demeanour of the girls of unit 157, who are engaged, comfortable and enthusiastic.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to ask all honourable members to join me in welcoming this group of Manitoba's future leaders, Girl Guides unit 157, and their leadership team, who were here with us today. Thank you.