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, MLA Swan River
May 28, 2013

Cheryl Lenderbeck

Today I'm very honoured to recognize an individual in our area.

This week we mark the EMS Week in recognition of the medical staff that ensure that people in emergencies receive proper care. However, there are many other Manitobans who have also taken quick action to protect others during a crisis. I would like to rise today to commend Cheryl Lenderbeck. Cheryl was recognized by the Canadian Red Cross last month for saving the lives of many by keeping calm head in face of an unexpected situation.

Cheryl is a teacher at Winnipegosis Collegiate. Last February she was the supervisor of the girls' basketball team taking a trip to a tournament in Gilbert Plains. On the bus the bus driver suffered a medical emergency that caused him to pass out behind the steering wheel.

Cheryl, with her quick thinking and first aid training, took action, pulling the unconscious driver’s foot off the gas pedal and steering the bus safely off the highway into the ditch. Cheryl then ensured that the driver received proper medical attention until paramedics arrived at the scene. For her brave actions, she received a Red Cross Rescuer award at a ceremony held at the school in Winnipegosis on April 23rd.

Mr. Speaker, first aid training is a valuable tool that we equip Manitobans with skills needed to deal with emergency situations and hopefully save lives. However, we never know just how we will react in certain crisis. I would like all members to join me in recognizing one Manitoban who used her first aid skill training to save someone's life, and her nerves of steel to prevent what could have been a tragedy. Please recognize Cheryl Lenderbeck for her bravery and her involvement.

Thank you very much.