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Ted Marcelino, MLA Tyndall Park
May 14, 2013

Fifth Anniversary of the Filipino Nurses Recruitment Mission

Mr. Speaker, 2013 marks an anniversary that is special to the Filipino and health care communities.

Five years ago, nurses were recruited from the Philippines to work in Manitoba. More nurses were needed across the province, especially in rural areas. A strong partnership between the Province, the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba, the Manitoba Nurses Union and the Philippine Nurses Association of Manitoba made this mission a success.

More than 120 nurses arrived, exceeding the provincial target of 100 new nurses. The recruitment mission, as well as support for the nurses after arriving, was very well organized and streamlined. A community settlement and integration plan was critical in supporting the nurses to settle in their new communities and has been key to longer term retention. These nurses have made a real difference to patients and families in over 20 communities across our province.

In this situation, we all win. These well-educated and highly skilled nurses helped prevent hospital closures. Also, they have boosted morale among employees by increasing the staffing levels and strengthening support systems. These health care professionals have been wonderful additions to the nursing and Filipino-Manitoban communities and have paved the way for many more Filipino nurses to come to Manitoba. These nurses have strengthened our health care system and expanded the Manitoba multicultural mosaic.

Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.