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, MLA St. Norbert
May 13, 2013

St. Norbert BIZ

Mr. Speaker, there are numerous reasons why St. Norbert is one of the greatest places to live in Manitoba. Integral to the strength of our community is its successful business sector, and I'm pleased to inform the House that entrepreneurs in St. Norbert are now members of a business improvement zone. The St. Norbert BIZ, initiated by Bob Roehle almost 10 years ago, held its first meeting in January of 2012, where a board of directors was chosen. Dave Kaisaris of the St. Norbert Hotel was elected president and chair.

The BIZ is supported by a slate of diverse, ambitious and dedicated people from all over St. Norbert. The board of directors includes treasurer Jean Guy Talbot of Talbot & Associates, secretary Sandy Charette of Assiniboine Credit Union, Sean O'Connell of J.Z.K. Sales and Service Ltd., and Ward Bruner of St. Norbert Marketplace. Also assisting the executive are the City of Winnipeg BIZ co-ordinator Martin Pasieczka; city councillor Justin Swandel; Norm Gousseau of Enterprises Riel; Janice Lukes, the special projects assistant of the St. Norbert BIZ; and Bob Roehle, the not-for-profit community liaison president for the St. Norbert Foundation and Co-Chair of Group Action St. Norbert. I am proud to assist this group as a representative from Manitoba.

The BIZ has undertaken many notable initiatives to benefit the entire community. By representing 20 business enterprises, it seeks to create cohesion and a sense of unity between members and to support one another in promoting culture, heritage and the history of St. Norbert. Last summer, the BIZ hired a Green Team to help develop an attractive physical environment for the neighbourhood. It was staffed by high school and university students, much to the benefit of entire community.

Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the BIZ for contributing so much to our community. Organizations like this help us work to create more opportunities, preserve our shared heritage and make St. Norbert an even better place to live.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.