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, MLA Radisson
May 8, 2013

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Mr. Speaker, May is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in Canada. Multiple sclerosis, or MS, affects the lives of thousands of Manitobans and their families every day. The complex and often disabling disease targets the central nervous system, affecting certain cognitive and physical abilities and skills. Across Canada, MS Awareness Month is about education; it is about supporting those affected, searching for a cure and showing the community that no one faces MS alone.

It is estimated that every day three Canadians are diagnosed with MS. Although MS can occur at any age, it is often diagnosed in young adults between the ages 15 and 40. This unpredictable, chronic disease can cause memory loss and affect hearing, vision, speech and muscle strength, all of which create difficulties for those suffering and for their families.

Since its founding in 1948, the MS Society of Canada has been dedicated to supporting and delivering programs, services, and social action for people living with MS and for their families. Mr. Speaker, there is still no known cure for multiple sclerosis. Although there are many mysteries surrounding the disease, what is known is that those suffering from MS and their families are not alone.

Mr. Speaker, a very good friend of mine has a son with MS. That is why I feel very passionately about it and appreciate all those involved in the public awareness of this disease. With hard work by our scientists and researchers, Mr. Speaker, I hope we will find a cure for this disease. I request all members in the chamber to join me in wishing those who are affected with MS strength and hope.

Thank you.