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, MLA Rossmere
May 7, 2013

Steve Bell

Mr. Speaker, I would like to acknowledge and to congratulate a talented and humble local musician, Steve Bell. Steve Bell is a faith-based singer-songwriter whose work has received critical acclaim across the world. This April, Steve was recognized with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s prestigious Golden Baton Award for his outstanding contribution to the musical life of Winnipeg.

A musician, poet and storyteller, Steve grew up in a closely knit family that nurtured his creative side. When Steve’s father was a prison chaplain at Drumheller Penitentiary in Alberta, it was the federal prisoners who taught Steve to play guitar. He credits this experience for his success, “I now perform world-over because some of Canada’s most unwanted men invested in me when I was a boy.”

Steve’s family relocated to Manitoba and it was here in Winnipeg that Steve began to work as a musician full time. He is well known and well regarded throughout our music community.

Steve’s music is a reflection of his own personal journey and his honest stories resonate with vast audiences. His 17 albums have sold over 300,000 copies and he has performed more than 1,500 concerts across the world.

Talent, passion and dedication have led him to win many accolades including two JUNOs, multiple Prairie Music, Western Canada Music and Covenant Awards as well as a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

For Steve, family is very important. Steve and his wife Nanci have three grown children, Sarah, Jesse, Micah and a foster daughter, Kendara. Steve is also an advocate and fundraiser for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, World Vision and Compassion Canada.

Mr. Speaker, Steve Bell is an inspirational musician whose compelling performance and thoughtful music helps to bring people together. He joins us today in the gallery and I ask all members present to join me in congratulating Steve on all of his outstanding achievements and to wish him and his family continued success.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.